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Facebook Removes Event Creation from API

The End of an Era

Facebook removes event creation from API

Facebook has removed the ability to create events using their API. What this means for you, is that you no longer have the option to create, update or delete your Facebook events from within your Spark account. (more…)

Swarm Mobile Box Office – Cloud & Batch Modes


Swarm Mobile Box Office is best when used when online; in Cloud Mode. However, if your event is at a venue without access to Wi-Fi, and you can’t get a cellular data signal at the venue, you’ll need to work in an offline mode. With Swarm Mobile Box Office, you can do just this with the built-in Batch Mode.

You can toggle between the two modes by going to the ‘More’ screen and selecting ‘Ticket Validating Mode’.

Swarm Box Office Autocomplete Feature

Checking out repeat customers is faster than ever with the autocomplete feature in Swarm Box Office. When you use this feature, buyer information is retrieved and reused from previous transactions, saving you the hassle of inputing that info manually.

Organize Tickets


Change the order of how your tickets will be listed on the checkout page! Its easy, just drag-and-drop your tickets in the order you want them. Here’s how:

Print Your Own Badges!


Impress your VIP’s, members or season pass holders with custom printed badges using our new badge printing tool. Simply link a badge image to your ticket, then print them from your Swarm account. Put the printout into a badge holder and you’re good to go! Here’s how its done:


Swarm Box Office – Receipt Printer Setup


HoldMyTicket’s box office apps, SWARM & SWARM Mobile Box Office, now supports printing tickets to a portable receipt printer! As an alternative to heavier, less portable Boca ticket printers, Star receipt printers provide a quick and easy way to print tickets at your box office location. This guide will show you how to set up your receipt printer (provided by HoldMyTicket) to use with SWARM Box Office.

The Event Overview

The Event Overview is your portal to anything and everything having to do with an event.

To see the overview for an event, go to Events in the main menu, then click on any of your events. You’ll see The Event Overview.


Swarm Mobile Box Office – Printing Tickets

Swarm Mobile Box Office allows you to wirelessly print tickets from your mobile device.
You can print THREE different ticket formats from Swarm Mobile Box Office:
1. Thermal tickets, using a industry standard Boca thermal ticket printer.
2. E-Tickets, using an inkjet or laser printer.
3. Receipt tickets, using a Star Receipt printer (Bluetooth).

Before you can print tickets with Swarm Mobile Box Office, you will need to set up your printers. Thermal and E-ticket formats require the printer to be setup on a local network. The inkjet/laser method requires a printer with wireless (wi-fi or AirPrint) printing capability.

Select one:
Boca PrinterInkjet/Laser PrinterReceipt Printer

Before printing to a Boca thermal ticket printer, you will need to set it up on your local network. Your network will need to have wi-fi enabled, and your mobile device with Swarm Mobile Box Office will need to be connected to it. To setup your Boca, follow the instructions on this page under ‘Network Setup’: Boca Printer Setup. For the purposes of using Swarm Mobile, you can skip steps 10 and 11 (Mac) or 7, 8 and 9 (Windows).

Once you’ve completed the Boca Printer Network Setup, printing from Swarm Mobile Box Office is easy. You can print immediately after a sale, or by selecting a buyer from the will-call screen. After a sale, or upon selecting a name from the will-call screen you will see an overview of the transaction. From this screen, select ‘Print’:
photo 1

After choosing ‘Print’, select ‘Boca’ from the bottom left part of the screen. A list of Boca printers that you set up will show up. Choose the Boca you want to print to, and tap ‘Print Tickets’ in the bottom right part of the screen:
photo 2

The tickets will print immediately, and you will be taken back to the previous screen.

Printing E-Tickets to an inkjet or laser printer is simple. All that is required is that the printer be capable of wireless (wi-fi, or AirPrint) printing, and that its on the same network as your Swarm Mobile device.

Once your printer and mobile device are on the same network, you can print immediately after a sale, or by selecting a buyer from the will-call screen. After a sale, or upon selecting a name from the will-call screen you will see an overview of the transaction. From this screen, select ‘Print’:
photo 1

After choosing ‘Print’, select ‘eTicket’ from the bottom left part of the screen. You’ll see a preview of the E-Ticket.
photo 3

After selecting ‘eTicket’ from the bottom left part of the screen, tap ‘Print E-Tickets’. You will be taken to a screen to select your inkjet/laser printer. When your printer is selected, tap ‘Print’. Your tickets will print, and you’ll be taken to the previous screen.
photo 5

Premier Development League Soccer


HoldMyTicket is proud to be working with the Premier Development Soccer League! Check out this press release regarding Albuquerque Sol FC’s home field and ribbon cutting ceremony:

Albuquerque Sol F.C. News Release – www.abqsolfc.com Thursday January 30th, 2014
ALBUQUERQUE, NM — The new PDL Western Conference team, Albuquerque Sol F.C., will be celebrating the announcement of their home stadium for their inaugural year in the Premier Development League on Friday January 31st at 2:30pm MST.
Mayor Berry will be cutting the ribbon to kick off the first season of PDL soccer at 2:30pm MST on Ben Rios Field at the campus of St Pius X High School. He will be joined by Gary Oppedahl, the new Economic Development Director for the city of Albuquerque as well as several other distinguished guests.

HoldMyTicket’s Affiliate Program

With HoldMyTicket’s Affiliate Program, you can make money every time an event organizer or venue you refer to HoldMyTicket sells a ticket!

When you refer a new client to HoldMyTicket, you will receive 10% of our fees collected for each ticket they sell during their first year as our client. Once you’ve accrued a minimum of $20, HoldMyTicket will send you a monthly payment via PayPal, or by check. There is no limit to the number of people/venues you can sign up, so get started and make some cash on the side!